Synthes Drill Bit Catalog

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Synthes Drill Bit Catalog  Daily Catalog

2 hours ago Synthes Drill Bit Catalog Daily Catalog. Preview. Synthes Drill Bit Catalog Daily Catalog. Preview. 2 hours ago Synthes Drill Bit Catalog Daily Catalog.Preview. 2 hours ago Catalog–Trauma 2011 8 hours ago 310.37 3.5 mm Drill Bit, quick coupling, 195 mm, 2 ea. 321.17 4.5 mm Pin Wrench, 120 mm 321.20 Ratchet Wrench, 11 mm …

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Synthes  eCatalog International

8 hours ago DePuy Synthes eCatalog valid globally, except for USA and Canada. Main Catalog International. Veterinary Catalog International.

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Synthes 3.5 mm Drill Bits, Quick Coupling  AZ Ortho

1 hours ago Catalog Number: 310.35/310.37. Multiple sizes available (310.37 pictured on left). For 3.5 mm Cortex Screws, 3.5 mm Shaft Scews and predrilling for fixation pins. 310.35 included in Synthes Small Fragment Instrument and Implant Set, with Self-Tapping Screws (105.408). 310.37 included in Synthes Hybrid Fixator Universal Set (115.940).

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MicroAire Replacement Disposables Catalog for Synthes

4 hours ago MicroAire Replacement Disposables Catalog for Synthes, Dyonics, and Midas Rex Systems Author: MicroAire Surgical Instruments LLC Subject: MicroAire replacement blades, drills, taps and burs for Synthes, Dyonics and Midas Rex Systems. For more, visit Created Date: 11/11/2016 1:48:46 PM

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Page Count: 8

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Synthes product catalog pdf

3 hours ago Synthes product catalog pdf Depuy synthes spine products catalog pdf. Synthes product catalog pdf. Depuy synthes expedium product catalogue. *DIMENSIONS IN MILLIMETRO PART DRILL BIT LOCATOR TAMP K-WIRESNUMBER K-WIRESNUMBERTemplates * Pins DK-300 3.0mm 4 x LP-300 El-Tamp 4 x 0.062 in. EL-DTS 15.18,20,25,30 BME Elite Implants …

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OCT System

5 hours ago 6 DePuy Synthes SYMPHONY™ OCT System Surgical Technique Drill Drill Guide Modular Handle 2020-00-119 Long Drill Guide Body 2.2-2.4 mm 2020-00-120 Long 2.4 mm Drill for 3.5 mm Screws 2020-00-224 a. Select appropriate drill bit corresponding to the screw diameter being used (see above Drill Guide-Drill Bit Table) Each drill bit

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Synthes 3.2 mm Drill Bits, for Jacobs Chuck

2 hours ago Catalog Number: 310.32/310.30 Multiple sizes available ( 310.32 pictured on left). For 0.18" (4.5 mm) Cortex and Shaft Screws and 0.16" (4 mm) Cancellous Bone Screws.

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Synthes Screw Reference Chart  Cambridge Orthopaedics

5 hours ago Locking Screws, Guide Wires, Drill Bits and Taps Screws, Drill Bits and Taps (Self-tapping and Non-self-tapping Screws) SCREW DIAMETER (mm) Thread Diameter 1.0 1.3 1.5 2.0 2.4 2.7 3.5 4.0 4.5 6.5 Cortex, self-tapping Cortex Pelvic Shaft …

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3 hours ago Drill Bit for 2.0 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 2.8 mm 2.5 mm Threaded Hole Tap 2.7 mm self-tapping 3.5 mm self-tapping 4.0 mm Drive Type 2.5 mm T8 2.5 mm T15 2.5 mm DePuy Synthes implants and instruments are manufactured with proprietary processes that produce superior products to those created by conventional

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All Depuy Synthes catalogs and technical brochures

6 hours ago All Depuy Synthes catalogs and technical brochures. Synthes TPLO. LCP Percutaneous Aiming System 3.5 for PHILOS. Trauma Solutions. Elbow. Alveolar Distractor. Minimally Invasive Posterior Instruments. Orthopaedics. Overview.

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1 hours ago Universal Small Fragment System System Catalog DePuy Synthes 2 Instruments Core System Trays Anatomic Implant Trays Case & Lid Options Set Information Table of Contents Case & Lid Options 40 03.133.108S 2.8 mm Drill Bit/Quick Coupling, Length 200 mm, 110 mm Calibration, Sterile 03.133.109S 3.5 mm Drill Bit/Quick Coupling, Length 150 mm

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DePuy Synthes  J&J Medical Devices

3 hours ago DePuy Synthes is enabling surgeons to restore patient knee function sooner 6-8 with next level patient satisfaction 9, by offering an end-to-end solution.This single solution combines the ATTUNE ® Knee System with the proprietary Patient-Specific Techniques, and VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution to help enhance surgical accuracy, precision and predictability.

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Modular Hand SySteM

2 hours ago 1.8 mm drill Bit 2.4 mm drill Bit 2.0 mm/2.4 mm Countersink Screwdriver with Holding Sleeve for 2.4 mm screws (see instrument set) Modular Hand System DePuy Synthes Trauma 3 Modular Hand System 2.0 mm Hand Module Set 1.5 mm drill Bit 2.0 mm drill Bit 2.0 mm/2.4 mm Countersink Screwdriver Blade with Holding Sleeve for 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm screws

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Veterinary Product Catalog
(610) 710-6599

8 hours ago Veterinary Product Catalog Implants Instruments Sets DePuy Synthes Vet 1302 Wrights Lane East West Chester, PA 19380 Telephone: (610) 710-6599 To order: (800) 523-0322 Limited Warranty and Disclaimer: DePuy Synthes Vet products are sold with a limited warranty to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and

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Page Count: 160

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Surgical Technique

Just Now Schanz Screws and Steinmann Pins Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 3 A Efficient drill bit and tap – One-step insertion – Precise pilot hole and threads – Reduced heat generation – Decreased insertion torque B Short, 2% core taper provides optimal radial preload – Reduces micromotion and pin-tract infections C Symmetrical thread profile

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Synthes Extensions for Carbide Drill Bits  AZ Ortho

3 hours ago Also part of DePuy/Synthes/Johnson & Johnson Screw Removal Set (01.240.001). Multiple sizes available (03.607.106 pictured on top). Catalog # Description 03.607.104 4.0 mm diameter 0

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Synthes 2.5 mm Drill Bit, Quick Coupling  AZ Ortho

2 hours ago Synthes 2.8 mm Drill Bit, Quick Coupling. Synthes Tap for 3.5 mm Cortex Screws. Synthes Tap for 4.0 mm Cancellous Bone Screws. Synthes 3.5 mm/2.5 mm Insert Drill Sleeve. Synthes 1.6 mm Wire Sleeve. Synthes Direct Measuring Device. Synthes Threaded Plate Holders. Synthes Bending Iron For 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm Plates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the jacobs drill bits?

Drill Bits, Jacobs chuck 310.20 2.0 mm, 85 mm 310.24 2.5 mm, 95 mm 310.27 2.7 mm, 85 mm 310.36 3.5 mm, 95 mm 323.025 Direct Measuring Device Torque Limiting Attachments, quick coupling 511.773 1.5 Nm 511.776 0.8 Nm 690.591 Small Fragment Instrument Set Graphic Case

What drill bits can i use with the fixed length drill guides?

The fixed length drill guides are only compatible with the short 2.2 mm and 2.4 mm SYMPHONY drill bits and will connect to any SYMPHONY AO Handle. The drill will bottom out at the specified depth.

What is the size of a 310 drill bit?

310.201 2.0 mm 65 mm, mini 310.19 2.0 mm 100 mm 310.21 2.0 mm 125 mm 323.062 2.0 mm 140 mm, with depth mark 310.25 2.5 mm 110 mm, gold 310.23 2.5 mm 180 mm, gold 310.26 2.7 mm 100 mm 315.28 2.7 mm 125 mm, three fluted 310.35 3.5 mm 110 mm 310.37 3.5 mm 195 mm Screws & Drill Bits ANKLE

What size drill bits do i need for a j latch?

0.76 mm drill Bits, Stryker J-latch 316.306 with 6 mm stop 316.308 with 8 mm stop 316.310 with 10 mm stop 316.312 with 12 mm stop 316.314 with 14 mm stop 316.236 1.0 mm drill Bit, Stryker J-latch 316.403 1.3 mm drill Bit, Stryker J-latch Instruments

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